Do you offer different types of subscription tiers?

Yes. We offer both monthly and annual subscriptions. These are recurring payments which will be billed on your choice of a monthly or annual basis.

You may purchase either a monthly or annual subscription via our website, the Apple App Store, Roku, or Google Play. 

The subscription plan you choose will automatically renew for the time periods of the same length, and you will be charged the then-current subscription rate using your chosen payment method. Your recurring monthly or annual subscription is billed on the first day of each billing period. You will receive a reminder email in advance of being billed for a recurring annual subscription.

To set up subscriptions, you must have a valid payment method to cover the full amount of your first billing period. If you are signing up on the Google Play or Apple App store, you can also use an existing store credit balance if it covers the full amount of your first billing period. At the time of each renewal, you must have a valid payment method on file with the platform where you signed up or your account will be automatically cancelled.

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