Can I purchase a HISTORY Vault gift subscription for myself?

Sure! You deserve a gift. Simply purchase the subscription and have it emailed to yourself, then follow the instructions to redeem.

If you are already a current HISTORY Vault member, please note the following:

For current members who originally subscribed on the HISTORY Vault website using a credit card, you can log in at and go to My Account, then select 'Redeem a Gift' to add the code. The code will be applied to your next billing period.

For current members who already have an active gift or promo code on your account, please purchase your gift subscription and then send us a message with the gift code. Gift codes cannot be stacked, so we will need to help you add the new code so that you don't lose time on your current promotion. 

For current members who are subscribed through Roku, Apple, Google Play or another platform, you will need to cancel your existing subscription before redeeming your gift code. Once your subscription's current billing period has ended and the subscription has expired, renew on our website using your gift code at Gift codes cannot be redeemed through Roku, Apple, Google Play, Amazon Prime Channels, or any platforms other than the HISTORY Vault website.

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