When I try to watch HISTORY Vault, the video player is either blank or videos won’t play.

HISTORY Vault is currently only available for viewing within the United States. 

The following operating systems and web browsers are currently supported for historyvault.com web  viewing:

Windows 10: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox
OS X: Chrome, Safari 12, Safari 11 (limited support)
Windows 7: Chrome, Firefox (limited support)

We do not currently support viewing on mobile and TV browsers. If you would like to watch HISTORY Vault on a mobile device or TV, please use one of our apps, which are available on Apple's App Store, the Google Play store and for Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices.

If you've confirmed that you are using one of our supported web browsers, that your internet connection is good, and you are still having trouble, please follow these troubleshooting steps:

1) Download and update to the latest version of your browser:

Update Chrome

Update Firefox

Update Safari

Update Microsoft Edge

2) Follow steps to check that javascript is enabled for your browser. 

3) Disable any ad-blocking software on your browser.

4) If you are still having trouble after following these steps, you may have a browser extension enabled that is interfering with viewing. Please open a private or "incognito" window to access historyvault.com to check to see if this is the issue:

Open an Incognito Window on Chrome

Open a Private Window on Firefox

Open a Private Window on Safari

Open a Private Window on Edge

Occasionally, playback can be affected by temporary server issues. If that is the case, your issue should resolve on its own shortly.

Still having an issue? Send us a message. Please include your location, a thorough description of what you’re experiencing (including a screenshot or video if possible), your current browser and operating system versions, and any relevant web links, including specific videos that are affected if the issue is limited to particular content.

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